The promise of weight loss as a result of dietary and lifestyle change generally follows the sequence of “lose weight first, then you will become ‘healthy’ “. However, the concepts that resulted in the creation of the Acid Watcher® Diet reverses that sequence with “become healthy THEN you will lose weight”. That is, by becoming an “Acid Watcher”, people will not only feel healthier than they have in years, but will lose weight in the process.

By following a low acid, high fiber, nutritionally balanced diet as described in the Acid Watcher Diet, one’s metabolism is revved up and the engine that drives this is the preponderance of a plant-based, balanced diet.

n over 1100 patients so far on the Acid Watcher Diet, about 90% are losing between 4-10 pounds and an inch off their waist in the first 28 days on the diet. Over time, as people stick to the Diet, they are losing approximately 2 pounds per week. The weight loss is accomplished by sticking to the following basic tenets of the Acid Watcher Diet:

  • one pound of vegetables per day
  • ½ pound of fruit per day
  • Avoiding caffeine, chocolate alcohol, mint, onion, garlic
  • Avoiding sugary sodas, processed food, citrus, vinegar and tomato.
  • Absolutely no smoking of any substances
  • Don’t lie down for at least 3 hours after your last meal
  • The Kitchen closes at 7:30PM